Saturday, February 21, 2009



Do you familiar with them?
Do you feel insecure when you are placed in a new environment?
Yes, I am.
When i first come to KBU.
I bet that everyone willbe the same.
With the new faces, new things, new everything.
However, time will help us to cope with the changes.
But often, we changed ourselves instead.

At different places, people vary.
They dress differently, they talk differently, they entertain themselves differently and of course, they study differently.
Insecurities seep in slowly as we hang out more with the new friends.
We feel insecure even when we are wearing our favorite outfit.
We feel insecure telling them how we entertain ourselves back where we came from.
But as time goes by,
we realised,
the way we dress changed, the way we talk changed, the places we hang out changed.
Maybe we don't even recognise the one we see in the mirror.
When we pause, and put some thought into it,
We will find that its not worth it at all.
All these superficial stuff, are not the sources of happiness in our life.
But instead,
they molded us into puppets, the world being the puppeteer.
Changing who we really are, is not the only way to fit in.
We can be who we really are, and still able to fit in.
We just need to search for the right circles of friends.

I am glad, being who I am.
I thank, those who accepted me as who I am.
I pray, that time and people will not change who I am.

Insecurities, BYEBYE.

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