Thursday, January 22, 2009

First post

I never think of writing a blog will be part of my homework.
As before this I write the blog just to update my friends in my hometown, allow them to know what had happened to me recently since we are far apart from each other now.
I am glad that my class just need to write a blog for this month, not like the architecture class. They are requested to write 4 posts, one post for each week. =)

This week we had done the role playing of the novel " Boy tales of childhood " during the English class.
My group took up the scene of homesickness and i think this section is really fun and hilarious.
I could see that many of my coursemates are actually quite talented in acting.
I think if they did not get the scholarship, being an actor will be a very good career for them. Who knows maybe they will be one of the best actor of Ocsar one day?

Life is getting busier and hectic eventhough it is just the beginning of the year.
I just can feel it already.
Anyway, I hope i can enjoy the Chinese New Year for this year despite of those holiday homework.
I just wish that i could sit down to have some plain talks with my family.
No stressful talk, but with non-stop laughter.

2008 had just left with a flash.
I had no reluctance in letting the previous year to go.
2008 was
a year with significant life changes,
a year with so much ups and downs,
a year which i left my home and my parents, learning how to take care of myself in a totally strange place

Consequently, i grew up a lot, stumbled and learnt from my mistakes.

2009, I do not have over excitement to welcome it.
To me, 2009 is just another year with more challenges.
A-turning point-year.