Saturday, February 21, 2009



Do you familiar with them?
Do you feel insecure when you are placed in a new environment?
Yes, I am.
When i first come to KBU.
I bet that everyone willbe the same.
With the new faces, new things, new everything.
However, time will help us to cope with the changes.
But often, we changed ourselves instead.

At different places, people vary.
They dress differently, they talk differently, they entertain themselves differently and of course, they study differently.
Insecurities seep in slowly as we hang out more with the new friends.
We feel insecure even when we are wearing our favorite outfit.
We feel insecure telling them how we entertain ourselves back where we came from.
But as time goes by,
we realised,
the way we dress changed, the way we talk changed, the places we hang out changed.
Maybe we don't even recognise the one we see in the mirror.
When we pause, and put some thought into it,
We will find that its not worth it at all.
All these superficial stuff, are not the sources of happiness in our life.
But instead,
they molded us into puppets, the world being the puppeteer.
Changing who we really are, is not the only way to fit in.
We can be who we really are, and still able to fit in.
We just need to search for the right circles of friends.

I am glad, being who I am.
I thank, those who accepted me as who I am.
I pray, that time and people will not change who I am.

Insecurities, BYEBYE.

Friday, February 20, 2009

12 things about me

1) I am a typically shopaholic. I love the feeling of buying things especially clothes. My dream is to make my wardrobe full with different COLOURS of clothes.

2) Mirror...mirror i love you! HEHEHE. I cant control myself to look into the mirror. No matter in the toilet, my room, on the street or whereever. I am self-loving. I admit that.

3) Sometimes i react a bit SLOW. I always laugh after my friends had finished their laughing.

4) Sleeping is my hobby. I can sleep in the morning, afternoon, evening, and at night. My current aim is to sleep for 24 hours straight, without getting up to do anything.

5) Edward Cullen is my hubby now. He told me that he likes me after the first sight.

6) I love the heavily downpour at night, especially before i sleep. After hearing the rhythm of the raindrops, i can sleep more tight.

7) I dont like to talk in the early morning. And i am always in bad mood in the morning. I just do not know what is the reason. However, it will back to the right track after one hour. I know it is strange.

8) I am trying very hard to leave my hair long. But it doesnt seem to be growing! Oh maybe its because I kept on cutting it. It is like slow-growing-grass on the head. ish.

9) I like my best friends a lot. They are my power puff girls. We share everything! No secret.

10) My favourite vacation is Maldives. The water is crystal clear. Scenery is breathtaking. Fish are darting happily here and there. Skylarks are flying freely in the sky. Can you imagine that? I hope that i could go there with my love one, probably EDWARD CULLEN? HAHA (=

11) I am seriously addicted to the internet now. Very seriously! Help me!

12) When i am depressed, I will hide myself in the room and watch tragedic movie. Then cry out loudly.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't ask, don't tell

Have you ever have any secrets?

Secrets that you cannot let
your parents,
your friends,
your teachers,
your boy friend,
your girl friend,
your boss.........
to know it.
Because you think that they are private and confidential.
You want to hide it in the bottom of your heart.
Not sharing with the others.

Life is actually full of secrets.
Sometimes we might need to tell lies in order to hold the secret.
Then we need to tell another one to cover the previous one.
How much lies do we need to tell just to cover one secret?

Consequently, this will also affect our reliability.
what we are hiding in our heart is actually more than what we can speak out.
Don't you feel that it is a torture?

Actually you are feeling like wanna tell everyone around you.
However, you try to control yourself, not to tell.

Do nothing secretly, as you know, Time sees and hears all the things.
There are three things that cannot long stay hidden: the sun, the moon and the TRUTH.
I prefer to tell the truth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friends forever

Who are friends?

They are those who love you but not your lover.
They care for you but not from your family neither nor they have any blood relation with you.

are the one who are willing to lend you a helping hand when you are in trouble.

are the one who let you to yell at whenever you are mad and will never angry you.

are the one who let you cry over his or her shoulder when you are sad and sorrow.

are the one who shared the happiness and laughter with you whenever you are excited and delighted.

I could not imagine how my life will be without friends.
How could I passed my high school life without you guys?
Trust me, it would be a totally miserable one.
Though today, we are separated far apart.
I still remember vividly
the memories we had together,
the time we spend together,
all this have a remark in life.
They remain lively in my mind and playing like a film without sound.
it does not really matter how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, or seconds we know each other.
The thing I am really concerned of is how deep is our bond.
I believe it was faith that brought us together.
Thanks God for allowing me to meet up with you guys.

Though we are studying different things now,
we have the passion to be really successful in life.
Of course i believe things will go to the right track very soon.
To be rich in life, you need colourful people around you.
You guys are the colourful people who surrounded me.