Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rainy day

Rain, always come without informing.
It just falls down gracefully and effortlessly.

Drop by drop, it wets the ground.
Drop by drop, it washes the dusty roads.
Drop by drop, it freshens the greens.
Drop by drop, it touches my heart.
Refreshed, recharged, the rain did it.

It screwed away the dark clouds.
The cool breeze that follows by, so soothing.
The formation of rainbow after the rain represents the new life.
It is beautiful, which is beyond the description.
Doesn't it?

I used to dislike rain,
because it somehow reminds me of
tears, sorrowful and sadness.

If I were to choose,
I would choose to cry on rainy day.
I wont feel lonely at that time,
because the Rain is accompanying me.

why it doesn't fall down tonight?


  1. Why? I hope you know, I hope you know...that there's nothing to do with you...it's personal,myself and I...blah blah blah(forgot lyrics,hehe)

    Aunty don't cry...=)

  2. hahaha..it just some kind of expression. I didnt meant to cry. thanxx =] aunty number 2.