Monday, March 23, 2009

CRUSH i mean it

A crush.
Its when you are so desperate to talk to him/her,
but because of a matter of pride,
you decided to wait to be talked to first.
A crush.
It is when you laugh happily at his/her jokes,
no matter how lame it is,
And you forgot how you made fun of other lamer's jokes earlier.
A crush.
Its when you do little little stuff for him/her,
and you end up keeping them,
because it just wasn't good enough to impress.
A crush.
Its when you would stay up till late night,
just because he/she is still awake,
and he/she might want your company.
A crush.
Its when he/she comes into the room,
everything seems prettier,
everything seems better.
Or even perfect.
A crush.
Its when you agree to any outings if he/she is going,
because when he/she is there,
everything is fun.
A crush.
Its when you will purposely dress up,
hoping that he/she will notice it ,
the outfit and hairdo u spent an hour on.
A crush.
Its when you will spend the whole day,
day dreaming about him/ her.
A crush.
Its when you will feel so happy,
just because he/she sat beside you,
just because he/she asked you, how was your day?
A crush.
Its when you can't really look into his eyes when you talk to him,
without having your heart beating a lil too fast,
and got all tongue-tied.
A crush.
It makes you smile, it makes you cry.
It gives you hope, it thrashes them.
It makes you want more, it makes you sick.
A crush.
Sometimes its so sweet, that you can't bear to let it go.
Sometimes its so painful, that you can't bear to let it stay.
Sometimes you can't decide whether its sweet or painful.
A crush.
People tend to lose their mind over it.
They can't seem to think straight when they have this crush on someone.
They do so much, to outstand themselves.
A crush,
something everyone will experience,
something so cute,
but yet so silly.
A crush.
Its nothing wrong, its natural.
But when you let it crush you,
its wrong.

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  1. Sometimes, a lifetime is probably not enough...=(