Wednesday, May 6, 2009

babelism of thinkings

Sometimes it could be scary just to think about how
how you would regret in the future with the things that you had done in the past.

You laughed at your own hairstyle in the old photo albums.

You wished you have a little more courage to talk to that boy you like.

You wished you have spent a little more time with your family.

You wished you could have spent more time with your girl pals.

You hoped you have studied a little harder for your exams.

You regretted on not taking another path.

Ten years after today,you might regret for not doing something more constructive
than reminiscing the past that you could never turn back to.

The scariest part is that
you will never know what is the right thing to do now,
which is the correct road to take
you just stand solidly
in the middle of the road
in the midst of confusion
surrounded by all haze which makes your brain blank
until the present became the past and the past is irreversible,
that somehow someday you'll look back and feel remorseful for something.

How scary? Life~

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